MV-Note181000 “Quick start: how to get & run MediathekView”

  • Quick start: how to get & run MediathekView

    Now, beginning Oct. '18, we’ve found two Web Sites from where to download MediathekView (“MV” for short):

    –> Here this is our MV edition of choice, as verified well usable and stable, on a Windows environment neither much recent (Windows 7) nor powerful (a rather modest ASUS Eee PC).

    –> As a Java tool, MV is ready to run as downloaded, no special installation procedure required. Just run: MediathekView__Start.exe
    and there you are (if not, we’d be curious to know…).

    At first run [Erster Start], being perfectly ok to operate off-line, that is without Internet connection, you’ll have to:
    – Set your geographical location, where on Earth you normally stay [Mein Standort]. Our answer being: “EU” (European).
    – Clear the “Einmal am Tag nach einer neuen Programmversion suchen” check box, so to avoid the “danger” of any potentially confusing novelty and enjoy, at least for the time being, an initial fairly stable working condition.
    – Proceed with “Mit Standardeinstellungen starten” button.
    – A nice [Fehler] warning “Das Laden der Filmliste hat nicht geklappt!” is here to say that Internet connection is not active.
    – Then MV Menu: Datei > Beenden, to complete this initial session.-

    – With a second MV run, a second initial off-line session, you may simply verify that everything is ok. In particular you may check at the MV menu: Datei > Einstellungen – Allgemein, that the “Progammupdate” check box is disabled.

    Next “MV-Note” of ours will be about initial on-line Internet experience.
    See you then.

    offering:, that is: MediathekView-13.2.1
    with which we had our first and rather discouraging experience, as it revealed, to us, almost unusable [for various reasons that there is here no point to re-consider]; then probably a version worth to be reconsidered in future…
    Now just two words about these very “MV-Notes”

    <!>These quick & raw Notes are here aimed at “International Users”, that is a not-German native speaking audience (to which I belong, currently struggling to learn German enough to follow original “DE” papers and TV-News), as MediathekView is too a useful a tool to remain confined within the relatively limited German language limits.

    • P.M.

  • @interuser sagte in MV-Note181000 “Quick start: how to get & run MediathekView”:


    The above is an outdated and discontinued Version of MediathekView which will probably not work with upcoming new Java Versions.

    Current Version is this one:

    offering:, that is: MediathekView-13.2.1

  • Dear Mr. Coud9,
    please consider the here attached SourceForge “SF181016.jpg” snapshot of the “” web page, showing the “Download” push button that will bring you precisely that MediathekView item we are talking about. Page declaring:

    • Last update a few days ago: 2018-09-29
    • Downloads this week: 447
    • page signed by: alex1702, xaver_w
      to whom I send my admiration and gratitude for the nice tool, as I’m now happily using it.

    Would a better, really better version become available, I’d be happy to switch to it; meantime I’ll be happy using what I’ve got here.

    I sincerely hope this will be a good occasion to settle a productive dialog between “InterUser” and the MediathekView team, based on limpid facts and fairness, to the common benefit.
    All the best. Yours,

    • P.M.

  • Administrator

    @interuser We don’t use SourceForge anymore. MediathekView 12 is very outdatet and unsuported.

  • @nicklas2751
    You don’t? Well, then dear Mr. Nicklas2751, you should say so to SourceForge, not to me.
    I remain just a bit curious to see how this strange issue of yours will develop…

    Meantime I’ll try anyhow to better understand and use this interesting MediathekView.
    See you then.

    • P.M.

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