• Just for curiosity’s sake I’d love to be informed how MediathekView can know where and which is such subtitles “.srt” file possibly associated with a given, say, ARD – Das Erste – Tagesschau ”.mp4” file. Bay the way, I’ve noticed that such Tagesschau.mp4 video file could well be downloaded directly from its own original ARD mediathek directory but, anyhow, without its possibly associated subtitles text file. Hence my curiosity.

    Anyhow this is just a technical curiosity, as MediathekView revealed perfectly suited to do the job – this way opening, so to speak, a neat first-hand view on the Germany’s political, social and cultural life to foreigners interested in the subject, language included (as I am).
    Thank you.

    • P.M.

  • @InterUser – Ist die Assoziation / Verbindung zwischen dem Film und den entsprechenden Untertiteln dazu bestimmt, für mich ein Geheimnis zu bleiben? Ich hoffe nicht …

    • P.M.

  • Brief technical explanation: The info if and where there is a subtitle for a show can be found in the source code of the shows mediathek page, respectively in the json file you get as response to an API call.

  • @vitusson > “in the source code…”
    I see. Thank you.
    – P.M.

  • Good job
    Thanks to MediathekView I could get and watch the ZDF-“heute-Kanzlerin Merkel wendet sich an die Nation-1646571328.mp4” (Die Rede in voller Länge) with subtitles, and therefore understand it in full detail.
    Good job. Thanks.

    • P.M.