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  • The scope, the range of “Filmliste” search is clearly pre-defined, according to a philosophy, to criteria that, as a new and “foreign” user, I’d love to know.

    Perhaps they are criteria of:
    – Sound technical and legal reasons;
    – Just matter of preference or convenience;
    – Desires expressed by the users’ community;
    – other…

    Looking forward knowing something about such crucial an aspect. Thanks!

    • P.M.

  • So what is your question? Do you know about “regular expressions”? You can use these if the built-in search criteria are not sufficient in your special case. But I think gving a lecture in regular expressions is way beyond the scope of this forum and of the authors of MediathekView.

  • [Q1/2] Very well:
    – From this first answer I infer that current “Filmliste” is crated according to a “built-in search criteria” (technically speaking, coded in “regular expressions”). Fine. So now I can better formulate my initial question, this way:
    – Current “MV search criteria” could be a bit described so to have a clue about what could be expected, and what not, to be found in the current “Filmliste”, as it is now?

    [Q2/2] Then, an even more ambitious question. Perhaps some of you have heard of the “Silent-film festival Pordenone" [see Wikipedia…]. Suppose the organizing committee decides to open a new section in the already existing Mediathek, for such historical branch. Well, could it became visible via MV, some way?
    <!>Of course I don’t expect here any detailed answer. Just a hint about what to do, in case…

    • P.M.

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