Remember removed items from subscriptions

  • I apologise for using English.

    I’m using subscriptions (“Abos”) to list new episods from specific series under “Downloads” but I’m not interested in downloading everything so sometimes I delete stuff (“Download aus Liste entfernen”) but these return whenever I refresh the list or restart the software. As a result, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of what I’ve downloaded already.

    Would it be possible to remember deleted items and hide them?

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    In your directory .mediathek3 two files (downloadAbos.txt and history.txt) should take care of what you’ve already clicked or what your abos have found. Please check, if these files can be written and will change. You can check the contents via the settings (Einstellungen).

    0_1486906673287_Bildschirmfoto vom 2017-02-12 14-37-34.png

    by pressing the ‘Laden’ button

  • Thank you MenchenSued. I’m not sure what the issue was but I re-installed the app and now everything seems to work. Now removed items correctly show up in the settings under “Erledigte Abos” -> “Laden”. Didn’t know it already was a built in feature.

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